Spring Flora Cowl Nr.2

I just finished this Spring Flora Cowl/Neck-warmer and the pattern is now ready for testing. I changed the pattern that I had shared in an earlier post as I was not liking the earlier version I made. This took me some time to get this right and after several changes to the flower part, I finally found the one I liked, making me wanting to continue working on the pattern, I was so close to giving up.

But now I am looking for testers on Ravelry and Spring Flora Cowl v2 will be ready I hope in a week or 2 to get tested as well. I need to get some test knitters that do not knit so tightly as I do.


My youngest son drew this one.

I then went to work to crochet this figure for him as I wrote the pattern down, together we made sure it looked the way he wanted and now we have this cute unique stuffed teddy. The pattern is undergoing testing at the moment and when it is done the pattern will be published on Ravelry, Etsy, Ribblr and LoveCrafts.

Soon this one is ready for test-knitting

Next project in the works

Hoping to get this pattern done in the near future, I am working on it…

I started by using the wrong yarn for this project, unfortunately the fibers from the blue color was getting mixed into the white color.

It did not look good, so I went for a different yarn and now need to make some adjustments to the pattern.

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