Tunisian Crochet

Had to make a case for my Tunisian crochet hooks with wire. And of course I had to make the case front with a Tunisian crochet stitch…

No pattern, just had fun with it and hoped it would be long enough so that I could store all the Tunisian crochet hooks in it.

Finger gloves – Iron man style

So, my youngest son (8 years), is a superhero fan… and one of his favorites is Iron Man, after asking (nagging) me, for some time, to make Iron man finger gloves, I gave in…

I just used a pattern from Drops design English (Danish version) just for the gloves and then crochet the center, sewing that on and he was happy… but now he wants more, more gloves, socks and even knitted/crochet mask for ALL the superheros he loves.

Silly me to think that if he got these he would stop, I just poked the bear!!!


Well… this happens when you THINK you set your washing mashing on the wool program… but it was just set to regular wash on 40°


Well I can only be glad that, when I made this design/idea, that I wrote it down as a pattern and I can make this pullover again, one day, after some time has passed. 😁

Among us hat/Beanie

So I made this Among us hat/beanie for my son, he is 13 years old but as my head is not that big I could wear it… 😀

Now I am working on another one for the younger boy…

You can find the pattern, here on my website, along with other free patterns, in the free pattern section in English.

A half double crochet beanie is nothing new, there are thousands of patterns on the internet for these kinds of beanies, some are free others are paid versions. I am not inventing something new here nor do I try. 

This pattern is free to use in any way, shape or form you choose but please do not use my photos without permission and I would appreciate it if you would refer to my website if you chose to use this pattern. 

Thank you and have a great crochet day.

Colorful Stitched pullover

Just finished making this pullover and writing the pattern as well…

My second knitting pattern is this Colorful stitched pullover.

The Colorful stitched pullover is a simple top down raglan with a curling neck(line) and bishop sleeves, with decoration between the colors that gives the illusion as if the colors are stitched together, making the pullover a little playful and makes the colors stand out. The pullover is not hugging the body tightly, part of my cozy, chunky, funky style/design.

Hopefully soon the pattern will be undergoing the test knitting process and will be available via Raverly, when it is ready, at my designer page. https://www.ravelry.com/designers/gribbadk

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