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Among us – Crochet

Herringbone sweater

This sweater, I made without a pattern and I am not at that point where I have models, make-up artist and professional photographs of my work, just me wearing my finished sweater and I am very happy with the result.

At the moment I am working on the pattern for this sweater.

Knitted in the round.
Bottom up.
Herringbone stitch.
Stockinette stitch.

12 mm circular needle for the herringbone pattern, with 80 cm wire for the body and 60 cm wire for the neck.
10 mm circular needle with 120 cm wire for body.

12 mm double pointed needles for sleeves.
10 mm double pointed needles for sleeves.

Herringbone stitch gauge using needle 12 mm = 20 sts x 12 rows.
Stockinette stitch gauge using needle 10 mm = 14 sts x 16 rows.

Size I made:
Bust: 112 (waist 100 cm)
Waist: 100 cm
Sleeve length: 48cm

Cute Bunny


How cute is this one… made it for the daughter of my husbands cousin.

The pattern I found here:

and the flower I don’t remember, found some flower via google and picked one.

Crochet – Bumblebee/Butterfly rattle

I found images of these totally cute crochet butterfly (rattle)…

I wanted to make some but I could not find a pattern for them… I looked and searched… but no luck!

So I had to figure out the pattern myself.. it went ok… if I say so myself… What you think?

at this point I was still working on the pattern as there are some details I did not think were good enough… And the mouth I need to learn to do better!

I will get there…

This is the second version of the pattern and I like it so far, the bug/butterfly/bumblebee is not big but has the perfect size for a little one.

You can find the pattern, along with other free patterns, in English in the free pattern section og på dansk.

Later I found the original pattern for sale here.


I found this TOTALLY cute coat on YouTube and as my husbands cousin just had a baby earlier this year, I had to make this adorable coat!

I had of course make some adjustments as I had different yarn and the smallest size was for a 1 year old.

The written pattern is here:

And the Youtube video is here:

Crochet Star Rattle

Pillow – c2c crochet

I made this pillow for one of my sons, the pillow has 2 different sides and is crochet in c2c. Using my favourite acrylic yarn scheepjes color crafter.

I just found a youtube video on how to do this and went to work.

I will say it was fairly easy to learn, took a few tries to get the hang of it but luckily I did not get far each time but when I had the concept down it was rather easy to do.

Using the image I found with the pumpkin and then I made the other one inspired by images I found.

For this one I used a drawing program on the internet (do not remember what I used), something that was suggested on some website with info about how to do c2c crochet.
This image I found on the internet making small alterations to make it fit my project and look the way my son wanted.


Using my favourite acrylic yarn scheepjes color crafter.

I made this doing granny squares, the insane work that went into assembly got me to the point of ‘never will I ever, do this again’!

The picture I found on the internet and altered it a little to fit what my son wanted and resize so I could make this.

Crochet Baby Groot

I made this Baby Groot for my boys…

I found this pattern for free, had to make it… the pot, they are in, I made myself.

I do not even remember what yarn I used… Pretty sure it was just some Drops cotton yarn with some Hobbii cotton yarn I used and some leftover cotton yarn that I had.

The pattern I found via Ravelry but can be found on Twinkie Chan’s blog.

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