When I agreed to crochet/make Among us figures for my boys and said yes to making 1 of each color, I did not realize it was 12 colors and I would have to make 24 among us figures. I regretted it… but I did it and promised to make the dead body at some point, that point is now…

I really did not want to make the bone part 24 times, also I am a little familiar with the game so there is no need for all the dead bodies at the same time… So I made my own solution, by making the red dead body as a base and allow for the option to change the color on the bottom part by adding different color legs. But of course the base bottom part can be made in all the different colors (not making use of the changeable legs option), by just adding the bone part on top instead.
So off I went to write the pattern for that idea and now it is ready as a free pattern along with the other Among us free pattern.

You can find the pattern, here on my website, along with other free patterns, in the free pattern section in English og på dansk.

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