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Diamond Droplet blouse, so far, so good…

I finished this one a few weeks ago and finally took some photos.
I call this one Diamond Droplet blouse.
Yarn used: Hobbii Metallico

Needle: US 7 – 4.5 mm & US 9 – 5.5 mm
Gauge: 16 stitches and 22 rows = 10 cm

Diamond Droplet blouse is knitted top down with round saddle shoulders and ⅔ pouf sleeves. The blouse has a simple yet elegant pattern on the front piece, that forms the diamond droplets pattern.

The pattern is done but needs to be tested, I just, have not had the time nor the energy to get started on that process, soon I hope…


Pattern published – Havtorn sweater

The pattern for the Havtorn Sweater has now been published on Ravelry, Etsy, Ribblr and Lovecrafts! The pattern has been published in English, Danish and Icelandic.
I am so proud and happy to finally be able to publish the pattern. 🥰

The testing has been done thanks to wonderful testknitters via Ravelry testing forum and the testers that joined via @fattestknits on Instagram.

A big Thank you to all those wonderful testers!
michsisk on ravelry


Test knit of Havtorn sweater

The test knit of my new design, the Havtorn sweater is going well!
The wonderful people that are testing for me are doing the best job ever, spotting some of my ‘hiccups’ as we call it.
I am amazed by the talent and I am so incredibly thankful for the wonderful people that have taken on the test knit for me and are doing an amazing job, helping me with the pattern.

It is so much fun to see the design come to life, the different yarns and colors the test knitters are using, so much fun!


Havtorn Sweater

Just finished this one… I am so happy with it! And love the yarn & the color I used!

Yarn: Hobbii Diablo Multi, Yellow Reef 💛
Knitting needle: 8 mm

The photos are taken by my husband and design by me.

Will be looking for test knitters soon.

Working on knitting designs

Unfortunately I am working on 2 kitting designs at the same time!!! I get distracted and shiny yarn shows up and I can’t help myself!!! I probably need therapy! 😅

So far, so good… playing with this pattern idea, Hobbii Diablo Multi & knitting needle 8 mm.
Maybe I need to change the pattern on the yoke, need to play some more with that… 🤔
I really need to stop getting distracted by a shiny new idea!!!

The other idea…

The other knitting idea has been waiting my attention… but as I ran out of Diablo yarn and had some other ideas come up, I guess I just need to continue working on this one. 😆
I do love the yarn I am working with, Hobbii Metallico & knitting needle 5.5 mm.

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