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Knitting – Strikke -Prjóna

Working on knitting designs

Unfortunately I am working on 2 kitting designs at the same time!!! I get distracted and shiny yarn shows up and I can’t help myself!!! I probably need therapy! 😅

So far, so good… playing with this pattern idea, Hobbii Diablo Multi & knitting needle 8 mm.
Maybe I need to change the pattern on the yoke, need to play some more with that… 🤔
I really need to stop getting distracted by a shiny new idea!!!

The other idea…

The other knitting idea has been waiting my attention… but as I ran out of Diablo yarn and had some other ideas come up, I guess I just need to continue working on this one. 😆
I do love the yarn I am working with, Hobbii Metallico & knitting needle 5.5 mm.

Pattern published at Hobbii

My pattern has now been published!!!

One of my favorite places to buy yarn has now published my pattern on their website!
The pattern can be found at

I am so proud and nervous and well there are tons of feelings I am struggling with at the moment… I am beside myself!


Spring Flora cowl – final test knit

Now the final test knit is done for the Spring Flora cowl. Next step finish the pattern layout and photos.

Spring Flora cowl

The Spring Flora cowl is well on its way, need to get few of the sizes tested but so far so good.

I was so lucky that one of my favorite places to buy yarn, Hobbii, wants to buy the pattern from me, well I suggested a trade, yarn for the pattern… can never have too much yarn. So now I am adjusting and testing the pattern with Hobbii yarn, so far there is not much adjusting to do as the yarn I use is amazing, Hobbii Unicorn Solid, LOVE this yarn and amazing colors to choose from.

The Herringbone pullover

Long time coming, I have now published the pattern for my Herringbone pullover, on Ravelry, Etsy and Ribblr. The testing is done, thanks to wonderful testknitters via Ravelry testing forum and Fattestknits via Instagram.
I am so proud and happy to finally being able to publish the pattern.
Thank you so much to the wonderful people that helped me out and supported me in this!

Thank you to helle007 (on insta hellevouzi) – Ilumeosaulejta (on insta saule_jta) and on instagram slyfaerie.

My project page, on Ravelry, for the 2 size that I tested, 3XL and S .


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