After I came back from visiting fiends and family in Iceland, I realized how much I have missed everyone and wanted to see more of what people were up to, via Facebook. The disappointment and realization, that Facebook was actually not providing me with what I wanted and what I was used to, back in the beginning of Facebook, left me to reconsider the part Facebook has in my life.

And the thing is… Facebook is not working for me, not anymore.

I used to like it, as I was able to log in and see chronologically what people were personally posting and I could keep up with the people I know, without having expensive phone bill. I could go on Facebook and scroll until I reached the posts I had already seen and then I was done.

It was all good… but, no more…

Now it is filled with advertising… showing me stuff, someone I know, liked or commented on… the share, tag and like, to win, posts… and to find chronologically what people are actually posting, is not that easy anymore…

So the decision is made, I will not be using Facebook much anymore, I will be using the chat feature, as it is, still, an easy way to keep in touch with everyone, as most people I know use Facebook. I will no longer scroll the feed on Facebook. Of course there are situations that I can not avoid Facebook, for example to see what the football club, my son goes to, is posting.

But… I, also, want to have the personal interaction back in my life, as much as one can, so I intend to be better at actually calling or writing, all the wonderful people, I have in my life… (baby steps… I will get there…)


and writing on this blog, instead of Facebook, when the need to share overtakes me…

The odds are I might share on Facebook my blog posts… but not be active on Facebook much more than that.

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