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Crochet – Hækle -Heklað

Amineko cat

Finished this one, so cute and easy to make and actually fun to make.

There is a link to the pattern below the pictures.

(Copyrights are reserved by Nekoyama)

The original pattern can be found here:

Among us

These I made for my boys… easy and fun to make.

They are from the game Among Us, so they may be subject to copyright.

You can find the pattern, here on my website, along with other free patterns, in the free pattern section in English og på dansk.

Cute Bunny


How cute is this one… made it for the daughter of my husbands cousin.

The pattern I found here:

and the flower I don’t remember, found some flower via google and picked one.

Bumblebee/Butterfly rattle

I found images of some totally cute crochet butterfly (rattle)… and free patterns that are similar on / and (and these ones in danish opskrift på hæklede insekter/, that I used as inspiration to do the pattern.

When I found the images, I wanted to make some but I could not find the pattern for them… I looked and searched… but no luck (at the time)!

So I had to figure out the pattern myself.. it went ok… if I say so myself…

The original pattern/image that I found is much cuter and I just couldn’t figure out how to make it as cute. My version is just a sad little thing compared to the pattern I wanted. But luckily the baby’s that got them don’t care.

Here bellow you can see that at this point I was still working on the pattern as there were some details I did not think were good enough… And the mouth I need to learn to do better!

I will get there…

This is the second version of the pattern and I like it so far, the butterfly/bumblebee is not big but has the perfect size for a very little one.

You can find the pattern, along with other free patterns, in English in the free pattern section.

Later I found the original pattern for sale here.

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