I have been wanting to do this for a long time but this is stepping far out of my comfort zone.

The reason I am stepping out of my comfort zone is that I finally got to a place where I just want to point out the raw truth of things, I have become tired of subjects being hush hush and one should not talk about it… why… because everything has to have this perfect illusion, that the social media has contributed to… well, it is not for me… I do not want to follow that path anymore… so blunt it is!

Why should we keep thoughts and feelings bottled up while hurting/struggling alone and why should any person have to be alone in it, when we, as human beings are capable of so much more. So I am going to share and be blunt about a lot of things and some of it is very personal and some is not, but if the things I write about will give someone else some hope and companionship in just a little way, that means the world to me. But primarily, I want my writing to give me some insight, hope and challenge me to see the subjects from different angels, as much as one can from behind the computer screen.

Have a wonderful and, not to forget, a awesome day!

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