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Hard work…

Loosing those extra kilograms is hard work and finally, the weight began going down, 80,6 kg. I am getting there, slowly, now, but I just have to keep up with the hard work involved to get to my final goal.

It is not easy, sometimes I really have to rein myself in and remind myself, that the amount of workout I have to do just to eat some delicious thing is not what I actually want to do, as I HATE workouts. I do not deny myself anything, I just choose to say ‘no’ to those things more often than not… but potato’s are very hard for me to say no to, and I don’t, but I have to control the amount I allow myself to eat.

I have changed the way I eat and what I eat and over time it has become much easier than I would have expected. Now I get disappointed if I can not have veggies or salad as part of my dinner.

To make this happen, it required me to make the decision, that NOW, I was going to do this and be selfish, take the time to exercise, to require salad to be big part of the dinner table and the budget. To ask my family to support me and for understanding as I allow myself to be selfish so that I can work hard on making this change.

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Losing some weight

I have been working on losing some weight, on the 4th of Nov. 2017, I began registering the results, the week before I begun registering my weight loss with more details, I weighed 96.6 kg.

It has been going alright, so far.

So, what I did was changing my eating habit. First, instead of only 1-2 meals pr. day, I increased it to 4, three light meals and dinner. Even if I was fine with only one or two meals per day, I guess my body was not so pleased. But because I work nights and have this thing called delayed sleep phase syndrome, I am awake all night anyway, therefor I planed my meals at 02, 05:30 (2h before bedtime), 15:00 (when I wake up) and dinner at 18:00.
Some adjustments are needed when I take my Melatonin pills, Circadin, and I am actually awake during the day time (the pills do not always work on me). When it works, I have breakfast in the morning with my family, lunch around 12 and one more light meal around 15 then dinner at 18.

Dato: 04/11 Dato: 31/12
KG: 94.9 KG: 91.6
BMI: 33.6 BMI: forgot to write it down


But with December so soon after I begun this, I have to admit, it was SO difficult to keep the momentum going. During Christmas and new years I did enjoy the unhealthy ‘good’ stuff, maybe a little too much. So with the new year I decide to push for more weight loss, because this time, I want to succeed! Therefore I made the decision on 7th of January to begin the Boiled egg diet. Two weeks with a lot of eggs, chicken, veggies and fruit.

I kept to the plan for the most part, I did replace the fish and tuna with chicken.
I also had some pecan nuts when cravings or feelings of hunger came along, but never more then 5-10 pieces.
I also did not eat any cheese, not much of a cheese person and the bread was replaced with Rugbrød (Danish style rye bread).
At day 12 I could feel that I needed fiber so I chose to change the plan for that day and for lunch I had 2 pieces of rugbrød with egg on it and then the chicken for dinner and salad.
I also made changes to day 13 and 14, I switched the lunch and dinner around, as I was working night shifts those days so I needed the chicken for dinner to keep myself going during my shift.

I found that I was not as hungry as I thought I would be and it was relatively easy to stick to the diet. Only one thing, that made it not so easy, was seeing my husband and two my boys having pizza and my favorite pasta dish for dinner, that required me to be as stubborn as possible to keep going. The first week and half was easy but the second part of week two was more challenging, I was feeling I had had enough eggs at that point in time. The last two days were the hardest, so close to the goal and dreaming of normal food again, made it difficult.

Here is the results:

Date: 07/01 Date: 14/01 Date: 21/01
KG: 90.4 KG: 87.0 KG: 87.5
BMI: 33.6 BMI: 32.3 BMI: 32.5
Body fat: 48.2% Body fat: 45.6% Body fat: 46.1%
Body water: 36.3% Body water: 37.7% Body water: 37.4%
Body muscle: 28.2% Body muscle: 28.9% Body muscle: 28.8%


The 2nd week was harder and yielded nothing which was very disappointing. But looking at the numbers and the increased water in the body, it might have something to do with that time of the month (and the Mirena hormone coil), then again it could be the amount of salt used while consuming so many eggs as Sodium makes the body retain water. How the body fat could have gone up 0.5% is a mystery to me, but the show must go on, so only thing to do, is keep going and change those numbers.

Of course I did have a plan for after the diet, so I can avoid eating all the weight back. I will go back to the 4 meals per day. Rugbrød (Danish style rye bread) and eggs will be more a part of the three light meals, and more fruits and veggies.

Dinner, I have two rules I have to do, find out how many calories (approximately) are in the food I am about to eat to be aware of how much exercising might be needed to keep loosing the weight, the other thing is, to only have one serving and no more.

And then, the next step in my plan, the dreaded thing… find an exercise plan/program and begin…


Here is the Boiled egg diet plan I followed without the alterations I made:

Monday – day 1
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and half a grapefruit (squeezed)
Lunch: Two slices whole grain bread and apple (you can include boiled quinoa instead of bread – much better)
Dinner: Grilled chicken and green salad (literally whatever veggie you want)

Tuesday – day 2
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and fruit (whichever you prefer)
Lunch: Grilled chicken and green salad
Dinner: Two boiled eggs, orange, and green sala

Wednesday – day 3
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and fruit
Lunch: Low fat cheese, combined with one tomato, and one slice of bread
Dinner: Grilled chicken and salad

Thursday – day 4
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and fruit
Lunch: Fruit (go and knock yourself out)
Dinner: Boiled or steamed chicken

Friday – day 5
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs
Lunch: Two boiled eggs and steamed veggies
Dinner: Grilled fish and green salad

Saturday – day 6
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs
Lunch: Fruit (enjoy – you know the drill)
Dinner: Steamed chicken and green salad

Sunday – day 7
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and fruit
Lunch: Grilled chicken, tomato, and green vegetables
Dinner: Steamed veggies (lots of it!)

Monday – day 8
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs
Lunch: Grilled chicken plus green salad
Dinner: Two boiled eggs, grapefruit, green salad

Tuesday – day 9
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs plus half a grapefruit
Lunch: Two boiled eggs plus steamed veggies (a lot of these!)
Dinner: Grilled fish and green salad

Wednesday – day 10
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and fruit
Lunch: Chicken (grilled or boiled) and green salad
Dinner: Two boiled eggs, grapefruit and green salad

Thursday – day 11
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and fruit
Lunch: Low fat cheese, two boiled eggs, and steamed vegetables
Dinner: Steamed chicken and green salad

Friday – day 12
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and some fruit
Lunch: Canned tuna plus green salad
Dinner: Two boiled eggs and green salad

Saturday – day 13
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and fruit
Lunch: Grilled chicken and salad
Dinner: Fruit (enjoy yourself)

Sunday – day 14
Breakfast: Two boiled eggs
Lunch: Steamed veggies and steamed chicken
Dinner: veggies

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