Month: June 2018

Hard work…

Loosing those extra kilograms is hard work and finally, the weight began going down, 80,6 kg. I am getting there, slowly, now, but I just have to keep up with the hard work involved to get to my final goal.

It is not easy, sometimes I really have to rein myself in and remind myself, that the amount of workout I have to do just to eat some delicious thing is not what I actually want to do, as I HATE workouts. I do not deny myself anything, I just choose to say ‘no’ to those things more often than not… but potato’s are very hard for me to say no to, and I don’t, but I have to control the amount I allow myself to eat.

I have changed the way I eat and what I eat and over time it has become much easier than I would have expected. Now I get disappointed if I can not have veggies or salad as part of my dinner.

To make this happen, it required me to make the decision, that NOW, I was going to do this and be selfish, take the time to exercise, to require salad to be big part of the dinner table and the budget. To ask my family to support me and for understanding as I allow myself to be selfish so that I can work hard on making this change.

I am actually very privet person…

I turned 40 this year, and I was so sure I was going to be all about sharing and writing on this site but it turned out I am actually very privet person, more than I was aware of.

I am very selective about what I actually share about my self and my life. I can see now how Facebook was an easy way to share without actually having to share real things.

Maybe I need to ease myself into this and start small…


So what is going on now:

I am working hard on loosing some weight. I do 30 minutes of brisk walk 5-6 days a week, and do my best to eat less, so far so good… I have managed to get down to 83 kg but I have been stuck there for about a month now, so I am feeling the frustration and just want to eat everything in sight. I am trying very hard not to give in.

Then the other frustrating part, is that, last time I managed to loose weight I got down to 83 kg but never got past that, as my husband was hit with stress and depression. I did not have the energy to keep working on weight loss along with everything else that was going on, so slowly I gained the weight back and went back up, got to 96 kg.

So right now I am struggling with this, trying to keep my focus and not giving up.


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